Undetected Lost Ark Cheats with Auto Farm, Auto Heal, Auto Questing and more

TheCracked is the top destination for obtaining secure and reliable Public and Private Lost Ark hacks. Our Lost Ark cheats offer a variety of features such as top-notch security, automatic farming, healing and questing, as well as speed attack and speed run functions, all bundled into one package. For more information on our product offerings, please visit the links on our products page.

Take over the world using our Lost Ark hacks

Lost Ark has the potential to revolutionize the MMORPG genre, following the disappointment of Warcraft 3 Reforged. Developed using Unreal Engine 3 and released on February 11th, the game quickly gained over 300,000 active players within its first 24 hours. Amazon Games continues to strive for success in the MMORPG industry, with the success of New World and now Lost Ark. As a result, many players seek out hacks to gain a competitive edge in the game

Lost Ark Farming Bot is the Solution for endless grinding

Playing Lost Ark requires a significant amount of time and effort to acquire desired items and progress through the game. That’s why our Lost Ark Farming Bot is the perfect solution for players looking to gain an advantage over others in the game. This tool offers a wide range of features such as super speed, automatic farming, fishing, questing, character creation, and mailing. With our cheat, you can spend your time doing other things and still progress in the game. Our bot will take care of everything for you, so when you return, you will find all quests completed and all chests looted, resulting in a nice amount of gold. It’s a great investment as it will help you dominate the market and earn extra money while living your life.

Speed attack, Speed run and Auto-Heal features

Our Lost Ark hack offers a variety of features that can help you achieve victory in the game. One of these features is the Speed Run and Speed Attack. Speed Run increases the movement speed of your character, allowing you to complete quests faster or dodge incoming attacks in PvP. Speed Attack, on the other hand, improves your character’s dungeon clearing speed and damage per second (DPS) significantly.

Another important feature is the Auto-Heal, which plays a vital role in both PVP and PVE scenarios, making the difference between a successful fight or quest and a failure. Additionally, the Auto-Farm function is a great asset for lazy players, as it can help you earn money while you’re away from the game.

When combined, the Auto-Heal and Auto-Farm functions are the perfect combination for maximizing efficiency, especially when using the Berseker class. With these features, you can expect to earn around 300-500 gold in just 3 hours of grinding. Overall, these functions of our Lost Ark hack can help you achieve victory in the game with ease.




Game version: NA/EU/SA (Steam), Korean (STOVE), & Russian
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
CPU: Any

Movement speed hack
Attack speed hack
Cast speed hack
Teleportation (to cursor, waymark, etc.)
Botting features
Zoom hack
Camera hacks (can rotate camera with keys or mouse)
Field of view hack



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